June Favorites

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So June is finally over and July has started. I'm a bit late on this, I know. My month favorites from this past month though definitely include shoes that I have not stop wearing. These brown woven flats from Forever 21 to these light brown boots from Old Navy. 
As well, as showing a bit of my obsession on wearing ripped high-wasted shorts which I got from Forever 21 this summer. These shorts are totally my go to shorts. I can wear them with anything.
Recently, I decided to go out of my comfort zone when it came to makeup. Most of the time for lips I only put on lip balms so I decided to go on a hunt. I ended up finding this Kate lipstick from Rimmel London in the number 12. Is this bright orange color, it even smells great. 
As to what I can't stop eating, it has got to be chocolate of course. Not a big fan of Nutella in my opinion but, the Hershey's touch makes it better. Let me not even start to what I haven't stop watching, The World Cup. Congratulations to Germany.  As for music guys, has anyone else just can't stop listening to Rude by Magic? 

What have been your month favorites? 

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  1. I've recently discovered your blog and I really like it! I'm following you now
    Hope you'll like mine too!

  2. Cute, love that orangey lip color!


  3. Oh,i love that lipstick!!
    Keep in touch xoxo