Where We Are Tour: My Experience

Hello,  I've been absent for a while, so my apologies for that. But on Sunday, October 5th the best day of my life happened. I went to a One Direction concert, again, yes I'm one of those "Directioners". 
The night was great except for the fact that it took a while later to get home and that it was a school night. I still didn't go to school, got home at 1 a.m. 
The show started with the boys from 5 Seconds of Summer who came out in ninja turtle costumes; it started great. Later on, came the boys and my night was officially made; fireworks and confetti were also seen in many of the songs. The ending of the show blew my mind off, my night was over with hunger and completely sad yet amazed at what a fantastic concert it was. I wished it could had never ended. 

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Planting Sea Oats



It has been a while since I have been on. But hey, just yesterday I decided to do some community service with my club in Virginia Key, here in Miami. The location was incredible and I had to take some pictures with my phone. We got the chance to plant sea oats all over the beach to help and make this public beach more beautiful. Nature is incredible, had so much fun. 

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BB Creams & Lip Balms

BB creams are my favorite thing about makeup, especially during the summer. Having enough SPF since I'm always in the sun during this time of year, it's great. They are great anytime of the year in my opinion. I usually find that foundations are a bit too much, so BB creams are always my got to thing. 
Lip Balms everyone's best friend..? maybe? definitely mine. Now, autumn is coming which is my favorite time of the year and moisturizing lip balms are a must. I always have one in my purse and backpack. Since I am only 16, I don't find the need for full on makeup everyday, so I mostly just use concealer and lip balm everyday. EOS are my favorites. 

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My Journal


Am I the only one that does this? I am hoping otherwise. This journal helped so much during the summer before school started, now my school agenda is my other life saver. Lately, I've been still trying to keep myself organize so I can make time to make more blog post. It hasn't been working out, but getting there. I am determine! 

Making lists of things are my life savers, 

Update: New School Year

 I've been practically wearing glasses since I was 13 years old. Now, it was finally time for me to get contacts. Also, maybe just a little update on my life right now. I got contacts this summer, so far I've gotten used to them and barely even feel them. 
I recently started my junior year in high school, I didn't think I was gonna be so busy to be honest. On great news I joined the bowling team! I never had so much fun. Also, I am involve in many school activities, meaning I stay after school most of the time. Arriving home and doing homework after a long day isn't always great either. 
Junior year means many exams, and for me harder classes. Let me also mention class rings, super excited to get mine in January. 

Well got to get back to studying,
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About two months ago my godmother decided to spend the day with me. My birthday just had been a few weeks ago, and it sounded like a great idea. As she knows I have a passion for art, taking  me to one of the new Art Museums in Miami, The Perez Art Museum (PAMM), was the perfect thing to do. 
The art work was incredible, just putting the first step into the museum I was blown away. The modern architecture of the building itself blew me away, as walking in you have to pass by a garden where it seemed like the perfect place to drink some coffee and read a book. The view is right in front of the pier, you'll be able to the see massive cruises and the clear water, reminded me of the Caribbean; walking inside there's a large glass window where you're able to see the boats shown in the picture. I never got so excited to see boats hanging on the ceiling. 
Most of the artist are Hispanic which I loved, it totally showed the different cultures. They also have a theater room where they show films, same for most of the exhibition rooms where there would be a very dark room with a short film playing.  Around the time I was able to visit most artwork totally showed feminism, it can show how strong the female power is. 
The museum thankfully allows you to take pictures, sadly enough I was too entertained exploring different sculptures, paintings and films. Overall, it was a great experience and a very educational day. 
The museum has many events where you can go and entertained yourself. There's several events for kids since they especially decided to build it for us students, many people gave money to build such a great museum and I never thought I would enjoy it so much. If you live in Miami or ever come visit, definitely recommended, especially if you adore art.  if need any more information you may click on the link. 

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Fashion Inspirations

Today, I decided to share to you guys who my fashion icons are. It's quite a selection. 
My fashion icons go from Ariana Grande, my favorite singer, who has a very girly style. To my favorite YouTuber, Zoe Sugg (Zoella), who also has a girly and cute style. All the way to my favorite lead singer of one of my favorite bands, Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless; who has a very rock n' roll and chic look. 
I'm usually a big fan of the rip jeans and band shirts, I wear a lot of black clothing most of the time. But since last year I made the decision to put a bit more color in my closet, it has gotten from a a lot of dark colors to some bright ones. 
Most of the time I dress depending on my mood. I go from a very preppy look, to a very grunge look. I usually explain my fashion sense on the way that it goes from the 70s to the 90s. 

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Who are your fashion icons?